Pompeii: 3D Walking Tour
Pompeii: 3D Walking Tour
Pompeii: 3D Walking Tour
Pompeii: 3D Walking Tour

"Immerse Yourself in the Ancient Ruins of Pompeii: Explore the Archaeological Marvel with our 3D Walking Tour"

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Step back in time to explore the ancient ruins of a city frozen in history with a 3D walking tour of one of the world's most renowned archaeological marvels. Experience the immersive journey through the virtual exploration of a historical site that has captivated visitors for centuries.

Embark on a guided tour of this ancient city, where every step unveils the stories of a civilization long lost to the ashes of time. Wander through the streets that once bustled with life, now preserved in a state of eternal silence. With the latest technology, you can now delve deeper into the secrets of Pompeii from the comfort of your own home.

The interactive experience of a 3D walking tour allows you to roam the streets of virtual Pompeii, where every corner holds a piece of history waiting to be discovered. From the grandeur of the Forum to the intimacy of private residences, witness the daily life of ancient Romans as if you were truly there.

As you explore the ruins, marvel at the intricate details of the architecture that have stood the test of time. Walk through the remains of temples, theaters, and baths, each telling a tale of a civilization rich in culture and tradition. With a 3D walking tour, you can witness Pompeii in its former glory, brought back to life through the wonders of technology.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this ancient city, where every crumbling wall and faded fresco speaks volumes about the past. Feel the echoes of history as you walk in the footsteps of those who once called Pompeii home. With a 3D walking tour, you can experience the magic of this archaeological wonder like never before.

Whether you are a history buff, a virtual explorer, or simply someone with a thirst for knowledge, a 3D walking tour of Pompeii offers a unique opportunity to travel back in time. Discover the secrets of this ancient city, unravel its mysteries, and witness the beauty of a civilization lost to the sands of time.

So, plan your trip to Pompeii today and embark on a virtual journey through the ages. Let the wonders of technology transport you to a world long gone but never forgotten. Experience the magic of Pompeii with a 3D walking tour and create memories that will last a lifetime.
Wear your AR Glasses and get ready to embark on an exciting walking tour through multiple stops at the Pompeii archaeological site. But this isn't your typical tour – it's an innovative and immersive augmented reality experience. Imagine strolling through the ancient city while simultaneously witnessing the ruins and monuments come to life in their former glory, just as they were before the eruption. Meet your friendly Tour Assistant, who will guide you through each step and help using your AR glasses. The tour's detailed itinerary and reconstructions were carefully crafted by a team of experts and archaeologists. This unique approach lets you see Pompeii as it once was, letting history unfold before your eyes. With your AR glasses, watch in awe as holograms blend seamlessly with the actual ruins. You'll get to admire the significant temples, houses, squares, theaters, and buildings as they stood before the eruption in 79 A.D. – all through the magic of augmented reality. It's like having a glimpse into the past and seeing it merge with the present right before you.
  • Explore Pompeii's past with AR Glasses.
  • Discover ruins and reconstructions together.
  • Embark on a guided walk with a knowledgeable Assistant.
  • Witness pre-eruption temples, houses, and theaters.
  • Immerse yourself in history, where the past merges with the present.
  • Includes a Pompeii admission ticket.
  • Audio available in 5 languages.

    Pompeii: 3D Walking Tour
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